About Me

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I am a multi modality trained practitioner, with three decades of experience in the Health Industry. I graduated in Physiotherapy from the Western Australian Institute of Technology (Curtin University) and worked in acute and rehabilitation hospitals in Perth before moving to Victoria.

After some years in Melbourne I moved to Ballarat, and in 1990 I established my own private Physiotherapy and Shiatsu practice, in partnership with my husband Greg Horgan. Since then I have continued to upgrade my skills and qualifications.

I completed my Diploma of Satyanada Yoga Training in 2013 at the Satyananda Yoga Academy, a 2 year full time, government accredited course of 1440+ hours. My initial Yoga Teacher training - of 650 hours - was completed in 1998.

I am an accredited Level 2 Yoga Teacher - with Yoga Australia.

I have also been attending Iyengar classes on a regular basis with Ballarat Iyengar Yoga for 4 years. Although quite a different style, it has deepened my understanding of Asana (physical posture), precision alignment principles and postural imbalances.

My classes are Satyananda based, with mainly slow and gentle asanas with breath awareness, encouraging the student to maintain awareness of the practice (mindfulness) in a non-competitive environment. Modifications are offered for those with injuries, joint restrictions and medical conditions. The slower and quieter approach helps calm and quieten the mind.

Demonstrations are limited with mainly clear verbal instructions given to help internalise the awareness. This helps prepare the body mind for Pranayama and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation with awareness).

The aim of yoga is not just to improve strength, flexibility, energy and balance but to quieten the nervous system and ultimately still the mind.

I have also recently completed a course of study: Therapeutic Yoga Levels 1 and 2 with Irene Ais at Unite Health. The course is taught to Health professionals (eg. Physiotherapists and Osteopaths) who have a comprehensive background in anatomy, biomechanics and pathophysiology.

Therapeutic Yoga is taught and tailored to the individual's needs and with a focus on safety and therapeutic outcomes. Therapeutic Yoga is taught one-to-one or in small groups.

I currently divide my work life between my Physiotherapy & Shiatsu practice and Yoga teaching.